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Below you can find information on my most significant releases to date. These comprise of both original projects and collections of works by various composers, from both the classical and contemporary field. I have been fortunate to have been given the opportunity to follow both the compositional path, and the interpretive one. The releases below are the most memorable projects I have completed to date.

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My relationship with music has been a transformative one. An early fixation with the piano gave me the opportunity to perform throughout the U.K as a classical solo and chamber pianist.

Performing some of the great works of the piano repertoire has given me some of the highlights of my career. It showed me how music truly engages with the soul in a most primitive yet profound manner.

Whenever I hear music of any kind, I am instantly drawn to the mood and tone that is being set; when I write music I am drawing from everything I have learned in life and attempting to frame it in sound. This for me is the essence of being a musician.